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Uneven filling level in plastic battery tanks

How to avoid problems.

1.) The extraction lines in the individual tanks are soiled to a different extent. The oil level is not clearly identifiable. In this situation, it would be wise to use a strong spotlight in the storage room. If the tank plant were evenly filled, the left tank would become full first. However, as the limit value indicator must be installed on the right tank (see ill. r.), the left tank would most probably run over.

2.) Another problem with overfilling can result if the extraction line of the right tank is dirty. The burner would then obtain the heating oil mainly from the left tank and pump everything that it does not burn via the return pipe back into the right tank, with the result that the plant would gradually overfill. The expert would call this a “plant error”. The operator would pay for the refurbishment costs. We say that a regular inspection of the tank plant by a recognised tank protection firm would have been able to prevent damage caused by oil overflowing.

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